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Representing the cream of New Zealand and Australia in Film Production, Post Production, Line Production and Multimedia


SOL are offering the UK and European film industry a convenient central point of contact to the untapped treasure of New Zealand and all it offers. SOL has the experience, confidence and connections to produce and perform to your expectations of what entails a successful television production.

New Zealand is without a doubt an extremely attractive option for film and commercial production. The reason why companies have historically not taken advantage is the physical distance and resulting communication difficulties. That's why SOL has the advantage…

Central London location
Operate in United Kingdom business hours
Experienced New Zealand staff
Represent the cream of New Zealand film production, postproduction and multi-media companies
No job too big or too small
Do all the legwork for you
Extensive location database - and we will deliver samples to your door
Technical Infrastructure to facilitate

SOL Productions services a group of Line Production, Production Houses and independent Line Producers in New Zealand & Australia. We are based in London with all their reels, a load of location reference material and a fast efficient service.
When you submit a script to SOL, we can provide you with a variety of quotes depending on your budget. We have strong working relationships with numerous companies ranging from small, boutique line production facilities to high end companies with fulltime support staff and professional infrastructure.

One phone call to SOL and we can provide you a variety of quotes for your script.

We will provide you with the right quote for your job.

SOL will find you what you require. Our extensive location library and experienced kiwi staff can turn-around a location request in 4 hours, providing hard-copy examples of locations and ideas for you to browse at your convenience. If it is a sub-tropical rainforest, a mountain range or a rugged coastline; not a problem. If it's a director's reel or talent headsheets you require, or a helicopter, boats, a tracking vehicle, props and more. Everything you require is close at hand in New Zealand and of excellent quality and SOL has the contacts to make it a smooth and simple experience.

When you work with SOL you will realise you are getting better work, better people and most importantly better value for your money.

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